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Joe Parker

Joe Parker is an expert in new cars, trucks, and SUVs — particularly their driving dynamics, features, and real-world pragmatism — gleaning his first-hand perspectives through his testing and reviewing of hundreds of new models since 2018. Interested in piloting anything with four wheels, from the mainstream to supercars, Joe is a lover of hot hatches and any other model that can be a practical family hauler while still serving up driving thrills. He describes himself as a “mostly average” track day racer and iRacing participant. His motorsports coverage reflects his hands-on hours behind the wheel. A recipient of over 20 awards from several state and national journalism associations, Joe is a member of the Greater Atlanta Automotive Media Association (GAAMA) and the Southeast Region Automotive Media Association (SERAMA). He joined MotorBiscuit as a contributing writer in 2023.

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