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Nathaniel Ehinger

Nathaniel joined MotorBiscuit in 2022 with eight years of experience as an autos writer under his belt. From model reviews to industry politics to new innovations and development, he covers a wide range of topics. Through careful research, attention to detail, and a desire to tell a story, Nathaniel found an unexpected enthusiasm for covering anything related to cars, trucks, SUVs, and everything in between.

Five children and five dogs keep his family busy and contribute to an active lifestyle. A passion for sports, hiking, camping, and playing golf keep Nathaniel outside much of the time and lends to his unique perspective as an automotive journalist. Loving the outdoors naturally merges with an interest in writing about trucks, SUVs, and virtually anything that will go off-road.

Nathaniel’s prior work covers a broad scope and can be seen in places like Automotivefly, DrivingDC, Auto Up To Date, and iCARbusiness.

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