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Harley-Davidson took a look at its current lineup and decided to shake things up. To pull off the update, the MoCo turned its attention to two of its biggest sellers, the Street Glide and Road Glide touring bikes. However, Harley-Davidson also brought its Pan America adventure motorcycle into the CVO fold for 2024, along with a new CVO Road Glide ST. 

Harley-Davidson revealed its latest additions in a patriotic-themed “American Dreaming” reveal

A set of new Harley-Davidson Street Glides hit the highway.
2024 Street Glide | Harley-Davidson

Leaning heavily on the motorcycle marque’s time-honored patriotic aesthetic, the team chose to show “the dawn of a new era” by demonstrating what could be for riders across the country. Specifically, over-the-handlebars shots of redwood trees, coastal highways, and near-martian deserts. 

Not unlike earlier reveals (think the latest liquid-cooled Nightster), Harley used the human element to establish value in its new Street Glide and Road Glide. Viewers will quickly notice the Street Glide’s dramatic new lighting. 

Up front, the Street Glide features near-horizontal running lights on a new Batwing fairing. The runners funnel your attention to a not-quite-round LED headlamp. At the rear, the new Street Glide ditches the classic round lamps for vertical scalloped LED lamps. The redesigned aesthetic wraps around a 117 cubic-inch Milwaukee Eight V-Twin. 

The new Road Glide gets a redesigned version of the albatross “Sharknose” fixed fairing. It’s a favorite among Harley riders who prefer to cut through the air with minimal buffeting. The father-son duo in the brand’s “American Dreaming” reveal comfortably leaned the baggers into coastal corners with mini-apes that rest wrists and hands at near shoulder height. 

In a flurry of bragging rights, Harley-Davidson revealed the 121-cubic-inch Milwaukee Eight twin. The mill is the largest displacement twin the brand has ever installed in its factory touring bikes. What’s more, the Wisconsin-based motorcycle brand touts its new 12.3-inch color touchscreen display. 

The Road Glide and Street Glide get the CVO treatment in 2024. As expected, the move means new colors and materials, including a new CVO 25th-anniversary look. Further, HD is offering a 2024 Road Glide ST under the CVO lineup. As ST suggests, it’s a corner-ready variant of the big-fairing touring bike. However, big-twin fans will be more excited about the Road Glide ST’s new 121 High Output twin.  

A 2024 Pan America CVO kicks up dirt in the desert.
2024 Pan America CVO | Harley-Davidson

Surprisingly, Harley-Davidson turned its CVO attention to the Pan America, the brand’s off-road adventure bike. New paint schemes and aluminum cases line the bike, although the liquid-cooled Revolution Max 1250 twin remains. However, the MoCo decided to leave its current Sportster and Softail lineup as is, with no updates for 2024 so far.