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A sensible, midsize car is a dependable choice for Americans who don’t want a bloated SUV in their driveway. However, sedans aren’t the same across makes and models. That’s plainly evident with a look at ownership costs of popular midsize sedan models. Despite the diversity of the segment, the Honda Accord managed to take two out of four spots on the list of cars with the lowest five-year ownership costs. 

The Honda Accord and Accord Hybrid bookend the midsize cars with the lowest ownership costs

A black Honda Accord midsize car drives on an open road.
Honda Accord | Honda

Despite the popularity of SUVs, midsize cars are still commonplace in today’s sedan market. From Honda and Toyota to Chevrolet and luxury European marques, it’s a utilitarian application. What’s more, several popular sedans offer hybridized versions of their popular gas-powered platforms. 

Such is the case with the Honda Accord, which took the No. 1 and No. 4 spots on Kelley Blue Book’s (KBB’s) list of midsize cars with the lowest five-year cost to own. How did it take both spots? The hybridized Accord earned its own place on the short list. 

Make and modelAverage depreciation5-year ownership cost
Honda Accord$13,607$36,668
Subaru Legacy$15,240$36,748
Toyota Camry Hybrid $16,035$37,474
Honda Accord Hybrid$15,454$37,537

Unsurprisingly, the perennially popular, gas-powered Honda Accord took the top spot among midsize cars. It’s good news for sedan shoppers still in the decision-making process. Specifically, the Accord has an average five-year ownership cost of $36,668, just $80 less than the second-place Subaru Legacy.

However, the gulf grows in the depreciation category. The Accord depreciates an average of $1,633 less than the comparable Subaru sedan over a half decade, per KBB. However, even with standard all-wheel drive (AWD), the Legacy has an average five-year maintenance cost of around $990 less than the gas-powered Accord. 

The Toyota Camry Hybrid earned the No. 3 spot, just behind the ICE Subaru Legacy. However, the standard, gas-powered Camry is nowhere to be found in the top standings. While the Camry Hybrid ranked higher than the Honda Accord Hybrid, the difference in five-year ownership is just $63. 

Of course, the Camry and Accord Hybrids had lower fuel costs; the hybridized Camry and Accord swill an average of $4,284 and $5,096, respectively. Much to the delight of Accord Hybrid owners, five-year fuel costs are around $2,288 less than a comparable Subaru Legacy. 

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Source: Kelley Blue Book