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It doesn’t matter if you like electric trucks or not. The battle between is heating up and the Tesla Cybertruck just took a massive swing at the Ford F-150 Lightning. The Tesla Cybertruck made the Ford F-150 Lightning look weak, and we’re watching for a rebuttal. 

The Tesla Cybertruck flexes on the Ford F-150 Lightning in a commercial

In a new commercial, the Tesla Cybertruck looks superior to the Ford F-150 Lightning as it comes to the rescue. 

You see the Ford F-150 Lightning stranded on the side of the road in a desolate area and it’s seemingly broken down or out of charge. Tesla didn’t say it was, but it’s implied. 

Then the Cybertruck uses its bidirectional charging feature to provide the F-150 Lightning with enough juice to get going again. 

Sure, the commercial highlights that you can use it to charge other EVs in need, but why didn’t it use a Tesla Model Y or Rivian R1T in the commercial? The choice to use the Lightning was deliberate. 

While the Cybertruck can power devices with 120v and 240v outlets with an output of 9KW power, this isn’t a new feature for EVs. 

Electric Hyundai and Genesis models have bidirectional charging. Plus,  the F-150 Lightning has 10 120v outlets, a 240v outlet, eight USB ports, and two 12v outlets. It has 9.6 kW of outboard power. 

The Pro Power Onboard generator can power an entire home for up to three days. Plus, by having more outlets available for power tools, campsites, and tailgate pirates, the F-150 Lightning is a little more versatile. 

While the Electrify American EV charging network isn’t up to par with Tesla charging stations, some charges don’t have an adequate amount of juice to charge the Cybertruck. 

Also, while the Cyberturkc has up to 340 miles of range, it’s been falling short in numerous tests. The F-15 Lightning has 320 miles of range and has achieved further distances in some tests. 

The F-150 Lightning production is off to a better start and it rings in at $54,995. The Cybertruck could take years to get and starts at $62,000. 

We aren’t calling the F-150 Lightning the better truck. However, if you want an electric truck to charge homes, devices, and other EVs, then the Lightning is easier to get and a little more practical.